Frequently Asked Questions

We made a list of most commonly asked questions. Be sure to go through it if you have a problem with our TV service.

  • What is IPTV?
  • How do i order?
  • How many channels movies & tv shows are there?
  • Can I use it anywhere?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • How do I renew?
  • Do I get billed each month?
  • What is M3U list?
  • Buffering in IPTV?
  • How to Setup IPTV on VLC Media Player?
  • How to Setup IPTV on Smart TV ( Smart IPTV)
  • How to Setup IPTV on Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple TV?
  • How to Setup IPTV on MAGBOX?
  • How To Setup ( IPTV.SH ) On ENIGMA 2 ( WITH Putty ) ?
  • How to Setup IPTV on Amazon Fire TV?
  • How to Setup IPTV on Kodi ?
  • How to Setup IPTV on MAG 250/254/256?
  • How to Setup IPTV on STB Emulator for Android Devices?
Internet ProtocolTelevision (IPTV) is a service that uses the internet to deliver TV services. In short, It is transmitting audio and video over a computer network instead of cable, terrestrial or satellite. Internet Protocol Television is digital television delivered to your television through a high speed internet (broadband) connection. In this service, channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box. IP TV service also includes video on demand, which is similar to watching video CDs/DVDs using a VCD/DVD player.
  • IP TV converts a television signal into small packets of computer data like any other form of online traffic such as email or a web page. There are three main components of IP TVIP TV converts a television signal into small packets of computer data like any other form of online traffic such as email or a web page. There are three main components of IP TV
  • First, the TV and content head end, where the TV channels are received and encoded and also other content like videos which are stored.
  • The second component is the delivery network, which is broadband and landline network provided by a telecom operators such as MTNL.
  • The third component is the set top box, which is required at the customer location. The packets are reassembled into programming by software in the set-top box. This box is connected between the operator’s broadband modem and customer’s TV.

A. Very simple, choose the subscription length you want to order, click Add to Cart, enter your information based on your paypal account so we can send you the invoice from paypal. The invoice from paypal can be paid by credit card without having a registered paypal account. The invoice from paypal will be sent to your email address immediately when you place your order.


17000+ Channels.
60000+ Movies & Tv Shows with daily updates


Yes. You can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on any device. It works on mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia shield , MAG , Roku , Enigma 2


It may vary from time to time but we usually always accept Paypal but you can pay the invoice with credit card without registering an paypal account


Simple, follow the same steps when you ordered the first time. Your app will show you when the subscription is running out. Place another order and time will be added to your account. We will also send an email and just before your subscription expires with a mobile links to renew if you like.


No, we do not bill you, this way there are no surprises, when it is time to renew simply return to the store and place another order. Time will be added to your account.


The M3U format is the most popular format used in all premium IPTV devices. It is a text file format that has important information about the playlists which includes: the URL of the channel source, the name of the channel and the channel reference number. The reference numbers usually categorize channels according to country for easier access.

Using the M3U File
If you need to stream IPTV channels, the best way to do it is by using a VLC media player. It is a cross- platform media player that is compatible with tons of video and audio content. Moreover, it supports even rare formats such as CON, XSPF, PLS, and M3U8 among many others. The vast majority of IPTV subscription use M3U as their IPTV script of choice. Its popularity comes from its compatibility with many platforms as it can be used on Roku, Smart TV, STB emulators, Smartphones, and Android setup boxes.

Why Your M3U Link is not Working?
If by any chance you find that the M3U link will not work as expected, use the VLC media player to check the link on a PC. If the link is working on the computer, it may indicate that the problem is on your end rather than on the IPTV server. Type in your M3U link and ensure that there are no spaces and that you have not pasted the M3U link on other devices. Using the link on other devices simultaneously will result in your account being blocked. If you still cannot get the link to work on a computer, then it would be best to contact EURIPTV for assistance.

Editing an M3U File and Creating a Favorites List
It is very easy to edit the M3U file as practically any text editor you have on your computer could be used for editing. If you are on PC you can use the notepad to edit the file. What you do is open the downloaded file with notepad and then edit out the channels you do not like from the list. You can then save the newly edited file on your PC that you can then use as the new list for all your future IPTV use.

If you are using a simple M3U file or URL, your channels will not be categorized. You can have categorization and grouping of your channels by using M3U with options as your IPTV script. Check out an explanation of video formats and IPTV scripts here.If we have left out anything with regard to the M3U or premium IPTV, leave a comment down below and we will improve the article with an explanation of any issue you may have. Thank you!!

  • Although  Buffering  means a variety of definitions in different types of technologies, here we describe it in the field of IPTV streaming. In general, it means that when you are watching a live stream, the picture sometimes stops and resumes. This issue is being referred to as buffering. Buffering would speed up different tasks on your computer.
  • Buffering can prevent lag when you’re streaming video or prevent slow performance when you’re playing a graphics-intensive video game on your desktop computer. Buffering  involves pre-loading data into a certain area of ​​memory known as a “buffer,” so the data can be accessed more quickly on  GPU  or  CPU .
  • Although diagnosing the underlying reason for buffering is a difficult task, potential factors which would cause the buffering are explained in this article.
  • Causes of Buffering ?

Internet Speed

Depending on the quality of the streaming, there is a minimum required speed which your Internet connection has to satisfy. Otherwise, it is highly probable to encounter poor quality and frequent interruptions.

Home Network

Wireless routers are often getting quickly overloaded when a number of devices are connected to it simultaneously. This will lessen the required bandwidth for streaming and cause interruptions. In this case, you need to have a router which can handle the heavy traffic loads.


One aspect that is often overlooked is the activity that happens on your Internet-connected device. Watching videos over the Internet uses computing resources. Therefore, if you have a lot of programs running in the background of your system, this could cause some issues with your video playing properly. If you are having problems playing video, another good practice would be to close out any web pages and programs that you are not using.

Stream Provider Overloading

If the requests of streamingover the providers’ servers getting higher than that they can handle, it would delay the transfer of video to your device and finally lead the stream to get pause or buffer. In this case, nothing can be done by the users except to wait until the requests to providers’ content slow down.

How to prevent Buffering 

The main underlying reasons for buffering can be categorized in 3 main sections: Internet speed, hardware processor, and the server through which the IPTV is streamed. The fluctuation of the Internet download speed will lead to buffering. Also, if your TV or media box is unable to handle the high-quality input streams (for example HD channels) this can cause buffering.

Finally, when the servers of the IPTV providers are being overloaded as a result of over-streaming by the users, this will cause buffering too.  Moreover, if you use VLC, KODI media players or a Smart TV app, you might look into the ways by which you can tweak your connection to reduce the amount of buffering.

If you are still having trouble watching videos, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the effect of the stuttering.
With some video providers, you can start the video, pause it and wait.

This will allow the video to download a little way ahead of time so that you can let it catch up and watch for a longer uninterrupted period. Disabling IGMP Snooping will sometimes help reduce the buffering.

*Please note, 99% of all buffering issues are related to the internet speed and the data packet loss, which is something that we can do nothing about except changing the ISP.

You can also reduce the quality of the video. This will decrease the bandwidthdemand and increase the likelihood that the video will not stutter during playback.
Another optional approach would be downloading the entire video first before playing it. This may take longer, but it would likely ensure that you would be able to watch the entire video without interruption.


VLC media player – it is a free media player. To play the multimedia file you do not need to set any extra codec up, they are already set in a program up. VLC produces stream video (IPTV) and Internet radio perfectly. Also, the program can record a stream audio/video on your computer. That is why, this program will be perfect for watching TV programs on your computer. This program works with the most modern operative systems.
1. Download and install VLC media player on your computer. (Download link)
2. Download the playlist with the list of channels in m3u format (Your account).
3. Download the obtained playlist in VLC Media player.
After that, run the VLC player. Choose the menu Playlist-> load Playlist File in the window that appeared, load the playlist with the list of channels in m3u format.
4. After downloading the playlist click Play. Then translation of the TV channel that is listed first in the playlist begins. Open Playlist-> show Playlist to view the list of channels. Choose another channel from the playlist to watch it.Troubleshooting Live TVIf you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.Reboot your Device/Box and Router


This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for a LG Smart TV. The Live TV Store IPTV service uses a media controller app called ‘Smart IPTV’, this app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one time donation of €5.49 (Euros) towards the Smart IPTV app development. Smart TV Setup Instructions1.In order to check if your  Smart TV is compatible with the Live TV Service go to the  Smart TV screen and search for the ‘Smart IPTV’ app. If the app is not displayed on the main screen you may have to search for it in ‘All Apps’ or ‘Updates’.
2.Launch the ‘Smart TV’ app.
3.Make a note of the ‘MAC Address’ which is displayed on the screen.
4.Go to from any web browser.
5.Go to the section titled ‘Add external playlist links (URLs)’ and enter your ‘Mac’ address and the unique Live TV Playlist URL into the ‘Link’ field.
6.Ensure the ‘countries’ dropdown selection on ‘Various’.
7.If you have any problems with the playlist loading you can place a check in the ‘Keep online’ checkbox.
8.Click onto the ‘Add Link’ button
9.Restart the ‘Smart IPTV’ app.——————————————————————————1 – Download Smart IPTV into your TV( This is only for Samsung and LG Smart TV )

  1. Go to you TV apps
  2. Search for Smart IPTV
  3. Install Smart IPTV and open Smart IPTV

Now you can see your MAC address on the right side on your screen.

2- Add channels into Smart IPTV

  1. Go to
  2. Add your MAC and your M3U URL
  3. Click on Add Link

Now you are ready to watch our channels

important to know!!

After you install the app it is free to use for only 7 days after that you need to buy this app for 5,49EUR/lifetime

Go to and activate for lifetime

Troubleshooting Live TV

If you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.

Reboot your Device/Box and Router


This setup tutorial will guide you through the setup tutorial for MagBox. In order for us to register your MagBox we will need you to send us your MagBox MAC Address, we will send you a URL to enter into your MagBox.Go into your MagBox inner portal
Powercycle your MagBox and hold the ‘GEAR’ button on your remote control whilst the MagBox is booting up. The ‘GEAR’ button is in the middle of the second row of buttons, from the top of remote control.
Go to settings.
Whilst in the inner portal, press ‘GEAR’ button on the remote again in order to access the settings menu.
Note: There is also a settings menu ‘GEAR’ icon in the portal, this is the incorrect menu. You need to access the the settings menu from the ‘GEAR’ button on the remote control.
Select the ‘Servers’ option.
Enter the URL that we have sent to you into the Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field.
You can connect a USB keyboard to the MagBox or use a virtual keyboard (there is a keyboard button on the remote)
Select and press the ‘OK’ button to save the changes.Watching Live TV after initial setupTurn on the MagBox.
Choose a channel to view.Troubleshooting Live TV If you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.Reboot your MagBox and Router


This is instruction  For Enigma 2/ Linux  installation, you need install putty to use it: 1- Go to your Enigma2 and get your IP address Go to Settings Setup Systeem Network Device Setup Adapter Settings And get your IP address it starts with 192.168….4 – Go to you windows PC and download Putty Putty download url Open Putty add follow these stepsadd theIP address of your Enigma ( Same IP as stap 3 )Port 23 Connection type TelenetClick on ope

6 Your default login and password are root 7 – Copy your line  ( you will get it after you order your subscription )wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh8 – use RIGHT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON after you enter your line press ENTER9 – Type reboot and your device will restart 


This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple TV (Apple TV must be 4th Generation). The BuyIPTV, TV service requires the use of an IPTV  media controller app, there are a few of these available in App Store, this tutorial is based on a ‘paid for’ app called ‘rIPTV’, this app has a one off fee £2.99 to buy and use. The rIPTV app is very good and offers a far superior user experience, with a full six day TV Schedule and EPG with a full Synopsis for movies, a timer, IMDB reviews, favourites and more.rIPTV Setup Instructions

  1. Go to ‘App Store’ and search for ‘rIPTV’.
  2. Install and run ‘rIPTV’.
  3. Click onto the plus ‘+’ symbol from the ‘Playlists’ menu.
  4. Select ‘Load from playlist’.
  5. Enter a name into the ‘Name’ field (Example: Live TV Store)
  6. Enter or Paste your unique playlist URL into the ‘URL’ field.
  7. Choose your country from the ‘Country’ list.
  8. Click onto ‘Save’.
  9. You can now click onto the ‘Live TV Store’ service from ‘Playlists’ to start watching.

If you would like to use a free app,  to view our ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’ setup guide.

Go to ‘App Store’ and search for ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’.
Install and run ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’.
Open the settings menu and click onto ‘REMOTE PLAYLISTS’.
Click onto the ‘+’ button and choose ‘Add M3U URL’ option.
Enter a name into the ‘Playlist name’ field (Example: Buy-IPTV.COM)
Clear all existing data and any spaces out of the Playlist Link field and enter your unique playlist URL.
Click onto the ‘Add’ button.
You can now click onto the ‘ Buy-IPTV.COM’ service from ‘Remote Playlists’ to start watching.
Watching Live TV after initial setup

Run the IPTV app.
Go to ‘Remote Playlists’.
Click onto the ‘ Buy-IPTV.COM’ playlist.
Choose a channel to view.

  1. Go to the Amazon Store and search for the ‘Smart IPTV‘ app, or click here.
  2. Launch the ‘Smart IPTV‘ app.
  3. Make a note of your AFTVs ‘Mac’ address.
  4. Go to from any web browser.
  5. Go to the section titled ‘Add external playlist links (URLs)’ and enter your ‘Mac’ address and the unique Live TV Playlist URL into the ‘Link’ field.
  6. Click onto the ‘Add Link’ button
  7. Restart the ‘Smart IPTV’ app.

Watching Live TV after initial setup

  1. Run the Smart IPTV app.
  2. Select a channel or film to view.

Troubleshooting Live TV

If you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.

  1. Reboot your Fire Stick and Router.

In this Tutorial we are going to use the newest version : Kodi v17.3 “Krypton””
First of all we have to choose our PVR client, to choose one Navigate to TV > “Enter add-on browser”

A window will pop up, here choose the “PVR IPTV Simple Client”Before we enable the PVR Client we will have to configure it, to do so just click on “Configure”

Before we set the Play list url disable the “Cache m3u at local storage” Radio button, so we keep getting new TV Channels.Now click on the M3U Play List URL Bar to add our m3u source.Copy your m3u play list url you got from us and make sure the type is set to “m3u_plus” and the output is set to “ts” if you are done press “OK”Now Navigate to the “EPG Settings” and click on the XMLTV URL Bar to set our XMLTV Url.The EPG works like this :
Replace XXX with your username and XXXX with your password which you can see in your m3u file which should look like this : your done press “OK”Double check if you have all the Settings correct.Now press “OK” to close the Settings Tab.
You can now enable the PVR IPTV Simple Client by clicking on “Enable”

Notice that a message will pop up telling us that the Channels are loaded.

Let the Programm finish loading all the files, and then restart Kodi.
After your restart navigate back to TV and then to “Channels”

All Channels should be listed now, you can see a bar on the right side where you can see informations about the channels, what Show is playing, information about the Show and also how long the Show plays.

By clicking “LEFT” or pressing the “Options” button expanded options will show click on Group to filter the TV Packages.

Here you can set what Package you want to display you can also use ALL Channels or choose VODS (Video on Demand) and pick shows like The Game of Thrones etc.

Done, you should now be able to watch iptv !


This is instruction For Enigma 2/ Linux installation, you need install putty to use it:

1- Go to your Enigma2 and get your IP address Go to Settings Setup System Network Device Setup Adapter Settings And get your IP address it starts with 192.168….

4 – Go to you windows PC and download Putty 

Putty download url

5- Open Putty add follow these stepsadd theIP address of your Enigma ( Same IP as stap 3 )Port 23 Connection type TelenetClick on open

6 – Your default login and password are root

7 – Copy your line ( you will get it after you order your subscription )wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh8 – use RIGHT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON after you enter your line press ENTER9 – Type reboot and your device will restart


STB Emulator basically clones the Mag’s interface and can be used on Android Devices or Windows using Android Emulators like Bluestacks.Download STB Emulator from the Google Playstore. There are two versions; paid and free. The paid version is ad free.Setup Instructions
Open App
Click Menu/Settings button on remote or double click with mouse and click icon on the top right hand corner of screen
A Menu will be displayed on the right
Click Settings
Profiles and Add Profile (a new profile will be created)
Select Profile Name and change to whatever you like Eg. BuyIPTV
Click OK
Select Portal URL and enter the Server URL we provided
Click OK
Select STB Configuration
Click Screen Resolution and set to Auto
Select Mac-address and enter MAC Address.
Mac address for STB’s usually begins with 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX. The X’s can be numbers ranging from 1-9 or Letters from A-F. This Mac address can be manipulated. The address you send us is the one that will be activated. if the Mac address you provided is already active then we will inform you so that you can change it.
After Mac address has added/changed
Exit to the initial screen
Open Menu Option to the right again and scroll down to Profiles
Select the Profile that was just created
Portal should start loading and your done!!!

Language »
NO Channel Name Language NO Channel Name Language
1 Samira TV Algeria 734 MBC Plus Drama Arabic Premium
2 Chourouk TV Algeria 735 Fatafeat Arabic Premium
3 Chourouk News Algeria 736 Be Gourmet Arabic Premium
4 El Bilad TV Algeria 737 Seevii Oula HD Arabic Premium
5 Chourouk Benna Algeria 738 Seevii Drama HD Arabic Premium
6 Ennahar Algeria Algeria 739 Seevii Shamya HD Arabic Premium
7 Annahar Laki Algeria 740 Seevii Doc. HD Arabic Premium
8 National program Algeria 741 MBC 1 HD Arabic Premium
9 ALGERIA Channel 1 Algeria 742 MBC 2 HD Arabic Premium
10 KBC Algeria 743 MBC 3 HD Arabic Premium
11 Channel 3 Algeria 744 MBC 4 HD Arabic Premium
12 Dzaier News Algeria 745 MBC Variety Arabic Premium
13 Dzaier TV Algeria 746 MBC Action HD Arabic Premium
14 TV Tamazight Algiers Algeria 747 MBC Max HD Arabic Premium
15 Beur TV Algeria 748 MBC Drama HD Arabic Premium
16 Haddef Algeria Algeria 749 LBC HD Arabic Premium
17 Al Jazairya TV Algeria 750 FX HD Arabic Premium
18 Al Magharibia Algeria 751 Fox Movies Action Arabic Premium
19 Al Magharibia 2 Algeria 752 Fox Movies Family Arabic Premium
20 Berbere Music Algeria 753 ART Aflem 1 Arabic Premium
21 Berbere TV Algeria 754 ART Aflem 2 Arabic Premium
22 Berber youth Algeria 755 ART Cinema Arabic Premium
23 Numidia TV Algeria 756 ART Hekayat Arabic Premium
24 Al Fajr TV Algeria 757 ART Hekayat 2 Arabic Premium
25 Bahia Tv Algeria 758 ART Hekayat kamen Arabic Premium
26 Adjwaa Algeria 759 OSN Movie First HD Arabic Premium
27 Nat. +4 Algeria 760 OSN Yahala HD Arabic Premium
28 ALGERIA channel 1 +4 Algeria 761 OSN Yahala Oula HD Arabic Premium
29 Chourouk TV +4 Algeria 762 Rotana Cinema HD Arabic Premium
30 Ennahar Algeria +4 Algeria 763 Rotana Masria HD Arabic Premium
31 Channel 3 +4 Algeria 764 Rotana Aflam HD Arabic Premium
32 National 1 Tunisia 765 Rotana Classic HD Arabic Premium
33 National 2 Tunisia 766 Rotana Music HD Arabic Premium
34 Al Hiwar Ettounsi Tunisia 767 Rotana Khalijia HD Arabic Premium
35 Attasia TV Tunisia 768 Al Resala HD Arabic Premium
36 Nessma TV Tunisia 769 OSN ON DEMAND 1 Arabic Premium
37 Hannibal TV Tunisia 770 OSN ON DEMAND 2 Arabic Premium
38 First tv Tunisia 771 OSN ON DEMAND 3 Arabic Premium
39 Telvza TV Tunisia 772 OSN ON DEMAND 4 Arabic Premium
40 Musicana Tunisia 773 Fix and Foxi Arabic Premium
41 Al Janoubia Tunisia 774 Myme Arabic Premium
42 M Tunisia Tunisia 775 Travel Tv Arabic Premium
43 Tounesna Tunisia 776 DocuBox Arabic Premium
44 Al mustakilla Tunisia 777 Animal Planet Arabic Premium
45 Zaytouna TV Tunisia 778 Discovery science Arabic Premium
46 Zaytouna Hedaya Tunisia 779 H-2 Arabic Premium
47 Insen TV Tunisia 780 Fight Box Arabic Premium
48 TT 1 Tunisia 781 MBC Pro 1 Arabic Premium
49 Jawhara FM Tunisia 782 MBC Pro 2 Arabic Premium
50 FM mosaic Tunisia 783 MBC Pro 3 Arabic Premium
51 National 1 +4 Tunisia 784 MBC Pro 4 Arabic Premium
52 National 2 +4 Tunisia 785 AD Sport 1 HD Arabic Premium
53 Attasia TV +4 Tunisia 786 AD Sport 2 HD Arabic Premium
54 Hannibal TV +4 Tunisia 787 AD Sport 3 HD Arabic Premium
55 Nessma TV +4 Tunisia 788 AD Sport 4 HD Arabic Premium
56 Al Hiwar Ettounsi +4 Tunisia 789 AD Sport 5 HD Arabic Premium
57 Atlas Canal Morocco 790 MBC 1 Middle east
58 Oula Maroc HD Morocco 791 MBC 2 Middle east
59 Al Oula Laayoun Morocco 792 MBC 3 Middle east
60 Oula Maroc HD TNT Morocco 793 MBC 4 Middle east
61 2M Morocco Morocco 794 MBC Action Middle east
62 Medi1 Morocco 795 MBC Bollywood Middle east
63 Arrabiaa Morocco 796 MBC Drama Middle east
64 Arriadhia Morocco 797 MBC MAX Middle east
65 Arriadhia TNT Morocco 798 MBC Masr Middle east
66 Assadissa Morocco 799 MBC Masr 2 Middle east
67 Assabiaa TNT Morocco 800 MBC 1 +4 Middle east
68 Al Maghribia Morocco 801 MBC 4 +4 Middle east
69 Tamazight Morocco Morocco 802 MBC Masr +4 Middle east
70 Tele Maroc Morocco 803 Rotana Cinema Middle east
71 2M Morocco +4 Morocco 804 Rotana Masria Middle east
72 Medi1 +4 Morocco 805 Rotana Classic Middle east
73 Oula Maroc HD +4 Morocco 806 Rotana Music Middle east
74 MEIE TV Lebanon 807 Rotana Clip Middle east
75 O-Tv Lebanon 808 CBC Middle east
76 MTV Lebanon Lebanon 809 CBC Sofra Middle east
77 Future tv Lebanon 810 CBC EXTRA Middle east
78 Alaan Lebanon 811 CBC Drama Middle east
79 Lebanon TV Lebanon 812 CBC +4 Middle east
80 AML Lebanon 813 CBC EXTRA +4 Middle east
81 LDC Lebanon Lebanon 814 Nile TV Middle east
82 Al Mayadeen Lebanon 815 Nile Cinema Middle east
83 Al Jadeed TV Lebanon 816 Nile Drama Middle east
84 NBN Lebanon 817 Nile Culture Middle east
85 ANB Lebanon 818 Nile Comedy Middle east
86 Al Manar Lebanon 819 Nile Family Middle east
87 MTV Lebanon +4 Lebanon 820 Nile Life Middle east
88 LBC +4 Lebanon 821 Hayat Mousalsalet Middle east
89 France 24 Arabic News 822 Dream 2 Middle east
90 France 24 FR Arabic News 823 Al hayat Middle east
91 France 24 EN Arabic News 824 Al Hayat 2 Middle east
92 Al Masdar TV Arabic News 825 Zee Alwen Middle east
93 Russia Al Yaoum Arabic News 826 Zee Aflem Middle east
94 AL Arabiya Arabic News 827 Cairo Cinema Middle east
95 Al Araby TV Arabic News 828 Cairo Drama Middle east
96 Al HIWAR Arabic News 829 Cimaa Middle east
97 Euro News Arabic News 830 I-movie Middle east
98 Orient News Arabic News 831 Athania Masr Middle east
99 Aljazeera Arabic News 832 Syria Drama Middle east
100 Sky News Arabia Arabic News 833 Syria Sat Middle east
101 CNBC Arabia Arabic News 834 Jordan Tv Middle east
102 Extra News Arabic News 835 Annahar TV Middle east
103 Aljazeera Moubasher Arabic News 836 JSC Documentary Middle east
104 JSC English Arabic News 837 Nahar Nour Middle east
105 DW-TV Arabic News 838 Nahar 2 Middle east
106 Al Ekhbarya essouria Arabic News 839 Nahar Drama Middle east
107 Al Shahed Tv Arabic News 840 Nahar Al Yaoum Middle east
108 Al Arabya Hadath Arabic News 841 Bahrain Tv Middle east
109 Al Alam TV Arabic News 842 Bahrain Quran Middle east
110 ANN Arabic News 843 Bahrain Sport 1 Middle east
111 BBC World Arabic Arabic News 844 Bahrain Sport 2 Middle east
112 Asia Tv Arabic News 845 Bahrain Int. Middle east
113 Nile news Arabic News 846 Oman Tv Middle east
114 Al Sharquia News Arabic News 847 Oman Tv Live Middle east
115 Iraqiya News Arabic News 848 Oman Tv Sport Middle east
116 Saoudi Ekhbarya Arabic News 849 Oman TV Culture Middle east
117 Gear One Arabic Sport 850 Yemen TV Middle east
118 Nile Sport Arabic Sport 851 Yemen Shabab Middle east
119 Kuwait Sport Arabic Sport 852 Aden TV Middle east
120 Jordan Sport Arabic Sport 853 Yemen Today Middle east
121 Al Kaas Arabic Sport 854 Eimen Tv Middle east
122 Al Kaas 2 Arabic Sport 855 Sbaa Tv Middle east
123 Al Kaas 4 Arabic Sport 856 Zarqa Tv Middle east
124 Yas Sports Arabic Sport 857 Sehha wal Jamal Middle east
125 Ahly Channel Arabic Sport 858 Hey tv Middle east
126 Nahar Sport Arabic Sport 859 Al Eskandaria Tv Middle east
127 Dubai Sport 1 Arabic Sport 860 Soumaria Middle east
128 Dubai Racing 2 Arabic Sport 861 Al Hurra Tv Middle east
129 Dubai Sport 4 Arabic Sport 862 Assalamou alayk Tv Middle east
130 Saudie Sport Arabic Sport 863 Al Assema Tv Middle east
131 Al Iraqya Sport Arabic Sport 864 Al Assema 2 Tv Middle east
132 Al Rahma Islamic 865 Mehwar Middle east
133 Al Afasy Islamic 866 Roya Tv Middle east
134 Mecca Islamic 867 ON-Tv Middle east
135 Saudi 1 Islamic 868 ON-Tv Sport Middle east
136 Saudi 2 Islamic 869 ON-Tv Live Middle east
137 Saudi Haj Islamic 870 ON-Tv Drama Middle east
138 Saudi Family Islamic 871 DMC Masraheyat Middle east
139 Saudie Quran Islamic 872 DMC Drama Middle east
140 Saudie Sunnah Islamic 873 DMC Kids Middle east
141 Iqra Islamic 874 DMC News Middle east
142 Iqraa Khaier Islamic 875 DMC Sport Middle east
143 Bin Outhaimin Tv Islamic 876 DMC HD Middle east
144 Time Quran TV Islamic 877 Al hayat we alnas Middle east
145 Al Azhari TV Islamic 878 Misr el balad Middle east
146 Resalat Al Islem Islamic 879 Mekameleen TV Middle east
147 Ressala Islamic 880 AL Sharq Middle east
148 Menhag Ennouboua Islamic 881 Panorama Film Middle east
149 Alanis TV Islamic 882 TV5 World Middle east
150 Quran TV Islamic 883 Star Cinema 1 Middle east
151 Saudi Eqtisadia Islamic 884 Faraeen TV Middle east
152 Al Quds Islamic 885 Balkis TV Middle east
153 QURAN TV Islamic 886 Al Masriya Middle east
154 Ahl El Koran Islamic 887 Qatar Today Middle east
155 Shareia TV Islamic 888 Qatar TV Middle east
156 Almajd Sciences Al Majd 889 AD Oula Middle east
157 Al Majd Quran Al Majd 890 Abu Dhabi Drama Middle east
158 Al Majd Kids Al Majd 891 Abu Dhabi Emarat Middle east
159 Al Majd Hadeeth Al Majd 892 Dubai one Middle east
160 Al Majd TV Al Majd 893 Nour Dubai Middle east
161 Mouritania Mauritania 894 Dubai tv Middle east
162 Mouritania 2 Mauritania 895 Dubai Oula Middle east
163 Watania mouritania Mauritania 896 Sama Dubai Middle east
164 Tawazon Tv Mauritania 897 Dubai zaman Middle east
165 Al Mourabitoune Mauritania 898 Nat Geo AD Middle east
166 Chinguit TV Mouritan Mauritania 899 Maspero Zaman Middle east
167 Dava TV Mouritanie Mauritania 900 Lana TV Middle east
168 El Mahadra Mouritani Mauritania 901 Al Oula Masr Middle east
169 Sahel TV Mauritania 902 AL Naas Middle east
170 Sudan TV Sudan 903 Direct Egy Middle east
171 Chourouk Sudan Sudan 904 4 Shabeb TV Middle east
172 Blue Nile tv Sudan 905 Anbar TV Middle east
173 Tanasuh TV Sudan 906 Al hurra Middle east
174 Neelain TV Sudan 907 NBC Iraq Middle east
175 Sudan drama Sudan 908 7C Iraq Middle east
176 Sudan Monawaat Sudan 909 Iraquiya TV Middle east
177 Khaer Sudan Sudan 910 Iraq Future Tv Middle east
178 Africa 1 Sudan 911 Iraqi Edu Tv Middle east
179 Africa 2 Sudan 912 Baghdad Tv Middle east
180 Africa 3 Sudan 913 Samarra tv Middle east
181 Africa 4 Sudan 914 Hona Baghdad Middle east
182 Sudan roqia Sudan 915 Dijla Tv Middle east
183 Dabanga Sudan Sudan 916 Al huda Middle east
184 Arabica Music 917 Beladi Middle east
185 Aghani Music 918 Fourat TV Middle east
186 Haneen Music Music 919 Moga Comedy Middle east
187 Sham FM Music 920 Sama Middle east
188 Mazzikh Music 921 Al Rai TV Middle east
189 Funoon Music 922 Al Saeed TV Middle east
190 Free Tv Music 923 Al Kanal Middle east
191 Maestro Music 924 Masriya Aflem Middle east
192 Noughoum FM Music 925 Time Cinema Middle east
193 Mazzika Music 926 Majestic cinema Middle east
194 Rotana Khaligia Music 927 Al Kahera Middle east
195 Majed Kids TV Arabic Kids 928 Wanasah Middle east
196 Baynouna TV Arabic Kids 929 Saudi Thaquafia Middle east
197 Toyour baby Arabic Kids 930 Amaken drama Middle east
198 Toyour Al Jannah Arabic Kids 931 Nada Tv Middle east
199 Jeem Arabic Kids 932 Safa Tv Middle east
200 Baraem Arabic Kids 933 Saudi 24 Middle east
201 SpaceToon Arabic Kids 934 Panorama Food Middle east
202 Cartoon Network Arab Arabic Kids 935 Al Ghad Al Araby Middle east
203 Mickey channel Arabic Kids 936 Cima Alibaba Middle east
204 Koky Kids Arabic Kids 937 Cinema Pro Middle east
205 Mody Kids Arabic Kids 938 Star Cinema 2 Middle east
206 Kidzania TV Arabic Kids 939 Imagine movies Middle east
207 Semsem TV Arabic Kids 940 Darbaka Cinema Middle east
208 Karameesh Arabic Kids 941 B4U Plus Middle east
209 Taha Arabic Kids 942 Ten Middle east
210 Bein Movie 1 BeInSport 943 B4U Aflem Middle east
211 Bein Movie 2 BeInSport 944 Dhafra Middle east
212 Bein Movie 3 BeInSport 945 Melody Classic Middle east
213 Bein Movie 4 BeInSport 946 Sada Al Balad Drama Middle east
214 B Junior BeInSport 947 Kahera Wa Ness Middle east
215 Bein Sport BeInSport 948 Kaher Wa Ness 2 Middle east
216 Bein Sports News BeInSport 949 Time Taxi Middle east
217 BeInSport 1 HD BeInSport 950 Al Ahd Middle east
218 BeInSport 2 HD BeInSport 951 Panorama Drama 2 Middle east
219 BeInSport 3 HD BeInSport 952 Panorama Drama Middle east
220 BeInSport 4 HD BeInSport 953 Sada El Balad 2 Middle east
221 BeInSport 5 HD BeInSport 954 Sada El Balad Middle east
222 BeInSport 6 HD BeInSport 955 Al Ettijah Middle east
223 BeInSport 7 HD BeInSport 956 Massaya TV Middle east
224 BeInSport 8 HD BeInSport 957 Sharqyia Middle east
225 BeInSport 9 HD BeInSport 958 Missrata Middle east
226 BeInSport 10 HD BeInSport 959 Al Delta TV Middle east
227 BeInSport 11 HD BeInSport 960 Al fath Middle east
228 BeInSport 12 HD BeInSport 961 Hawacom TV Middle east
229 BeInSport 13 HD BeInSport 962 Quest Arabia Middle east
230 BeInSport 14 HD BeInSport 963 Josat Tv Middle east
231 BeInSport 15 HD BeInSport 964 Saiida TV Middle east
232 BeInSport 16 HD BeInSport 965 Baghdada Tv Middle east
233 BeInSport 17 HD BeInSport 966 Al Sahat Middle east
234 Canal + Channel sat FR 967 Al hadath Middle east
235 Canal + Cinema Channel sat FR 968 Al Gadir Middle east
236 Canal + Family Channel sat FR 969 Al rafiden Middle east
237 Canal + Sport Channel sat FR 970 Al Mawsliya Middle east
238 Canal + Decale Channel sat FR 971 Majan tv Middle east
239 Canal + series HD Channel sat FR 972 Kuwait TV 1 Middle east
240 E. Fr Channel sat FR 973 Kuwait TV 2 Middle east
241 OCS Shock HD Channel sat FR 974 KTV Arabic Middle east
242 OCS City HD Channel sat FR 975 KTV Plus Middle east
243 OCS Giant HD Channel sat FR 976 KTV Ethraa Middle east
244 OCS Max HD Channel sat FR 977 LTC TV Middle east
245 Cine + Emotion HD Channel sat FR 978 Al Seraj Middle east
246 Cine Frisson HD Channel sat FR 979 Palestine Middle east
247 Cine Premiere Channel sat FR 980 Palastinian Tv Middle east
248 TCM FR Channel sat FR 981 Palastine Today Middle east
249 Paramount ch. FR Channel sat FR 982 Palastine Sport Middle east
250 Serie Club HD Channel sat FR 983 Palastine News Middle east
251 Nina Tv Channel sat FR 984 Al falastiniah Tv Middle east
252 13 th Street Channel sat FR 985 Annajah Tv Middle east
253 Tv Breizh Channel sat FR 986 Musawa Tv Middle east
254 HD Action Channel sat FR 987 Awdah Tv Middle east
255 TF1 HD Channel sat FR 988 Palastine Live Middle east
256 M6 HD Channel sat FR 989 Libya errasmia Middle east
257 HD 1 Channel sat FR 990 Libya Al Ahrar Middle east
258 6 Ter HD Channel sat FR 991 Akhbar Lybia 24 Middle east
259 France 2 HD Channel sat FR 992 Libya panorama Middle east
260 France 3 HD Channel sat FR 993 Libya today Middle east
261 France 4 Channel sat FR 994 Libya TV Middle east
262 France 5 Channel sat FR 995 Libya el watan Middle east
263 France O Channel sat FR 996 Music Plus Middle east
264 W9 HD Channel sat FR 997 ABC USA
265 TF1 HD +4 Channel sat FR 998 SHOWTIME USA
266 France 2 HD +4 Channel sat FR 999 USA Net. USA
267 M6 HD +4 Channel sat FR 1000 MLB Net. USA
268 W9 HD +4 Channel sat FR 1001 TBS HD USA
269 RTL 9 Channel sat FR 1002 TNT HD USA
270 AB 1 Channel sat FR 1003 FOX HD USA
271 AB 3 Channel sat FR 1004 AMC HD USA
272 Non Stop People HD Fr. Channel sat FR 1005 E. USA USA
273 TEVA HD Channel sat FR 1006 CBS HD USA
274 Crime District Fr. Channel sat FR 1007 TLC HD USA
275 Ushuaia TV HD Channel sat FR 1008 HBO USA
276 NAT GEO HD Fr. Channel sat FR 1009 HBO Zone USA
277 NATGEO WILD HD Fr. Channel sat FR 1010 HBO Signature USA
278 Planet + HD Channel sat FR 1011 HBO Comedy USA
279 Planet + AE HD Channel sat FR 1012 FXX USA
280 Travel Fr. Channel sat FR 1013 FX USA
281 Discovery Science HD Fr. Channel sat FR 1014 Action Max HD USA
282 Discovery Show Case Fr. Channel sat FR 1015 ABC news USA
283 Discovery ID Fr. Channel sat FR 1016 HG TV USA
284 RMC Discovery Channel sat FR 1017 Viceland USA
285 History Channel sat FR 1018 Bein Sports USA
286 Hunting and fishing Channel sat FR 1019 TSN 1 HD USA
287 Trek Channel sat FR 1020 TSN 4 HD USA
288 Sciences and life Channel sat FR 1021 TSN 2 HD USA
289 Animals Channel sat FR 1022 TSN 3 HD USA
290 Comedy Channel sat FR 1023 TSN 5 HD USA
291 C-8 Channel sat FR 1024 NBC HD USA
292 NRJ 12 Channel sat FR 1025 WWE net. USA
293 C-Star Channel sat FR 1026 NHL net. HD USA
294 Team 21 Channel sat FR 1027 NBC Sports net. USA
295 Number 23 Channel sat FR 1028 NBA HD USA
296 Cherie 25 Channel sat FR 1029 Fox Sport 1 HD USA
297 SYFY HD Channel sat FR 1030 Fox Sport 2 HD USA
298 NT 1 Channel sat FR 1031 ESPN2 HD USA
299 TMC Channel sat FR 1032 ESPN HD USA
300 Paris Premiere Channel sat FR 1033 ESPN News HD USA
301 ARTE Channel sat FR 1034 Willow cricket HD USA
302 France Info Channel sat FR 1035 BBC News SKY UK
303 C-News Channel sat FR 1036 BBC1 SKY UK
304 LCI Channel sat FR 1037 BBC2 SKY UK
305 BFM TV Channel sat FR 1038 CBBC SKY UK
306 BFM Business Channel sat FR 1039 BBC4 SKY UK
307 LCP Channel sat FR 1040 CNN UK SKY UK
308 MCM Channel sat FR 1041 ITV 1 UK SKY UK
309 Melody Fr. Channel sat FR 1042 ITV 2 UK SKY UK
310 MTV FR Channel sat FR 1043 Itv 3 UK SKY UK
311 MTV Hits Channel sat FR 1044 ITV 4 UK SKY UK
312 Piwi Fr. Channel sat FR 1045 ITV BE SKY UK
313 Toonami Channel sat FR 1046 C ITV SKY UK
314 Game one Channel sat FR 1047 STV UK HD SKY UK
315 Boomerang FR Channel sat FR 1048 UTV UK HD SKY UK
316 Tiji FR Channel sat FR 1049 Channel 5 UK SKY UK
317 Manga Channel sat FR 1050 5 USA UK SKY UK
318 Disney XD FR Channel sat FR 1051 5 Stars UK SKY UK
319 Cartoon network Channel sat FR 1052 My 5 UK SKY UK
320 Gulli Channel sat FR 1053 Channel 4 UK SKY UK
321 Nickelodeon Channel sat FR 1054 Film 4 UK SKY UK
322 Nickelodeon 4 Teens F Channel sat FR 1055 4 Music UK SKY UK
323 Nickelodeon Junior FR Channel sat FR 1056 E-4 UK SKY UK
324 Channel J Channel sat FR 1057 4 Seven UK SKY UK
325 Teletoon Channel sat FR 1058 More 4 UK SKY UK
326 Disney Ch. FR Channel sat FR 1059 CBS Reality SKY UK
327 Disney Junior FR Channel sat FR 1060 CBS Action SKY UK
328 Equidia Live Channel sat FR 1061 CBS Drama SKY UK
329 AB Motor Channel sat FR 1062 Sky News UK SKY UK
330 Foot + HD Channel sat FR 1063 SKY Sport news UK SKY UK
331 Golf Channel EN Channel sat FR 1064 SKY Sport 1 UK SKY UK
332 EuroSport 1 HD Channel sat FR 1065 Sky Sport 2 UK SKY UK
333 EuroSport 2 HD Channel sat FR 1066 SKY Sport 3 UK SKY UK
334 BFM Sport HD Channel sat FR 1067 SKY Sport 4 UK SKY UK
335 Infosport HD Channel sat FR 1068 SKY Sport 5 UK SKY UK
336 SFR Sport 1 HD Channel sat FR 1069 Sport Mix UK SKY UK
337 SFR Sport 2 HD Channel sat FR 1070 BT Sport 1 SKY UK
338 SFR Sport 3 HD Channel sat FR 1071 BT Sport 2 SKY UK
339 SFR Sport 5 HD Channel sat FR 1072 BT Sport Extra SKY UK
340 BeInSport 1 FR Channel sat FR 1073 BT Sport Europe SKY UK
341 BeInSport 2 FR Channel sat FR 1074 Setana Sport 1 SKY UK
342 BeInSport 3 FR Channel sat FR 1075 ESPN SKY UK
343 Sky Sportnews DE SKY OF 1076 Premiere Sport UK SKY UK
344 Sky Sport 1 HD DE SKY OF 1077 Sky Sport F1 UK SKY UK
345 Sky Sport 2 HD DE SKY OF 1078 Eurosport 1 UK SKY UK
346 Sky Bundesliga DE SKY OF 1079 Eurosport 2 SKY UK
347 Sport1 DE SKY OF 1080 Front Runner UK SKY UK
348 EuroSport1 DE SKY OF 1081 Front runner 2 UK SKY UK
349 Eurosport2 DE SKY OF 1082 Free Sport UK SKY UK
350 Sky Atlantic HD DE SKY OF 1083 Manchester Ud. TV SKY UK
351 Sky Cinema HD DE SKY OF 1084 Sony Movies UK SKY UK
352 Sky Action DE SKY OF 1085 SKY One UK SKY UK
353 Sky Hits DE SKY OF 1086 SKY two UK SKY UK
354 TNT Glitz DE SKY OF 1087 Sky Select UK SKY UK
355 TNT Series DE SKY OF 1088 Sky Thriller UK SKY UK
356 NAT Geo WILD HD SKY OF 1089 Sky Family UK SKY UK
357 Discovery HD SKY OF 1090 Sky Comedy UK SKY UK
358 Nat. Geo DE SKY OF 1091 Sky Action UK SKY UK
359 Syfy DE SKY OF 1092 Sky Select UK SKY UK
360 Universal DE SKY OF 1093 Sky Horror UK SKY UK
361 History of SKY OF 1094 Sky Premiere UK SKY UK
362 Disney Cinemagic DE SKY OF 1095 Sky Living UK SKY UK
363 Disney Channel DE SKY OF 1096 Fox UK SKY UK
364 Disney Junior DE SKY OF 1097 Sky Animal UK SKY UK
365 Kika DE SKY OF 1098 Discovery Science UK SKY UK
366 13 Street DE SKY OF 1099 Discovery Showcase U SKY UK
367 E. DE SKY OF 1100 Discovery History UK SKY UK
368 ZDF SKY OF 1101 Discovery Ch. UK SKY UK
369 ZDF Info SKY OF 1102 Food Network UK SKY UK
370 ZDF Kultur SKY OF 1103 Disney Junior UK SKY UK
371 ZDF Neo SKY OF 1104 Sky Disney UK SKY UK
372 ARTE OF SKY OF 1105 Disney XD UK SKY UK
373 Das Erst SKY OF 1106 Nick Jr. Too UK SKY UK
374 PRO 7 Maxx SKY OF 1107 Baby Tv UK SKY UK
375 RTL DE SKY OF 1108 Nick Jr. UK SKY UK
376 Super RTL DE SKY OF 1109 Pop Max UK SKY UK
377 RTL 2 SKY OF 1110 Pop UK SKY UK
378 RTL Living DE SKY OF 1111 Tiny Pop UK SKY UK
379 RTL Crime DE SKY OF 1112 Euronews UK SKY UK
381 SAT 1 SKY OF 1114 Dave UK SKY UK
382 Kabel 1 SKY OF 1115 Really UK SKY UK
383 Sixx SKY OF 1116 DRAMA UK SKY UK
384 PRO 7 SKY OF 1117 Keep it country UK SKY UK
385 NTV OF SKY OF 1118 True Movies UK SKY UK
386 3 Sat SKY OF 1119 Bloomber UK SKY UK
387 VOX SKY OF 1120 Quest UK SKY UK
388 TVP 1 Cy Cyfra + 1121 Community SKY UK
389 TVP 2 Cy Cyfra + 1122 Yesterday UK SKY UK
390 Canal + Polska Cy Cyfra + 1123 My channel UK SKY UK
391 Canal + Sport Cy Cyfra + 1124 Home UK SKY UK
392 Canal + Family Polska Cyfra + 1125 Pick TV UK SKY UK
393 Canal + Serie Polska Cyfra + 1126 PBS America UK SKY UK
394 Canal + Film Polska Cyfra + 1127 VIVA UK SKY UK
395 Fox Polska Cyfra + 1128 Starz UK SKY UK
396 Fox Comedy Polska Cyfra + 1129 True entertainment UK SKY UK
397 AMC Polska Cyfra + 1130 Spike UK SKY UK
398 Discovery polska Cyfra + 1131 Blaze UK SKY UK
399 Polsat Cy Cyfra + 1132 Flava UK SKY UK
400 Polsat 2 Cyfra + 1133 Your Tv UK SKY UK
401 Polsat Cafe Cyfra + 1134 True Crime UK SKY UK
402 Polsat Play Cyfra + 1135 Showcase UK SKY UK
403 Minimini Cy Cyfra + 1136 TV-ONE UK SKY UK
404 Nat Geo Cy Cyfra + 1137 TLC UK SKY UK
405 TV 4 Cy Cyfra + 1138 Horse and Country UK SKY UK
406 N sport Cy Cyfra + 1139 Travel Ch. UK SKY UK
407 Kuchnia + Cy Cyfra + 1140 Tru TV UK SKY UK
408 Teletoon + Cy Cyfra + 1141 S4cdigidol SKY UK
409 The 1 SP Digital spain 1142 Horror Ch. UK SKY UK
410 The 2 SP Digital spain 1143 ABN UK SKY UK
411 Antenna3 SP Digital spain 1144 Channels 24 SKY UK
412 Cuatro SP Digital spain 1145 Irish TV SKY UK
413 Tele Cinco SP Digital spain 1146 Now Music SKY UK
414 The Sexta SP Digital spain 1147 Movies4Men SKY UK
415 A Tre Series Digital spain 1148 Setana UK SKY UK
416 Clan SP Digital spain 1149 Channel S SKY UK
417 24 H SP Digital spain 1150 Rai 1 IT SKY IT
418 Devinity sp Digital spain 1151 Rai 2 IT SKY IT
419 FDF SP Digital spain 1152 Rai 3 IT SKY IT
420 Be Mad SP Digital spain 1153 Rai 4 IT SKY IT
421 GOL SP Digital spain 1154 RAI 5 IT SKY IT
422 D Max SP Digital spain 1155 Rai News IT SKY IT
423 BOING SP Digital spain 1156 TG Norba 24 IT SKY IT
424 Energy SP Digital spain 1157 Rai Movie IT SKY IT
425 13 Tv Defenitivo SP Digital spain 1158 Rai Sport 1 IT SKY IT
426 Mega SP Digital spain 1159 Rai Sport 2 IT SKY IT
427 Andaloucia SP Digital spain 1160 Rai Premium IT SKY IT
428 BOM SP Digital spain 1161 RAI Yoyo IT SKY IT
429 Canalsur SP Digital spain 1162 Rai Storia IT SKY IT
430 Canalsur 2 SP Digital spain 1163 Rete 4 IT SKY IT
431 TEN SP Digital spain 1164 Rai Gulp IT SKY IT
432 D Kiss SP Digital spain 1165 Channel 5 IT SKY IT
433 TDP SP Digital spain 1166 The 5 IT SKY IT
434 Canal + Estrenos SP Digital spain 1167 Top Crime IT SKY IT
435 Canal + Serie SP Digital spain 1168 Boing IT SKY IT
436 Canal + Xtra SP Digital spain 1169 Joi IT SKY IT
437 Canal + Comedia SP Digital spain 1170 Paramount Ch. IT SKY IT
438 Canal + Dcine SP Digital spain 1171 Italia 1 SKY IT
439 Canal + Action SP Digital spain 1172 LA 7 IT SKY IT
440 Canal + Hollywood SP Digital spain 1173 Focus TV IT SKY IT
441 Canal + Cocina SP Digital spain 1174 Universal IT Studio SKY IT
442 VIAJAR SP Digital spain 1175 Giallo TV IT SKY IT
443 TCM SP Digital spain 1176 MTV 8 IT SKY IT
444 40-TV Digital spain 1177 Deejay IT SKY IT
445 Bein Sport SPANA Digital spain 1178 Mediaset Extra 1 IT SKY IT
446 Canal + Liga SP Digital spain 1179 Mediaset Extra 2 IT SKY IT
447 Canal + Deporte 2 SP Digital spain 1180 Premium Cinema IT SKY IT
448 Canal + Futbol SP Digital spain 1181 Premium Cinema +24 SKY IT
449 Real Madrid CH. Digital spain 1182 Premium Cinema 2 SKY IT
450 Barca Tv Digital spain 1183 Premium Comedy IT SKY IT
451 Canal + Toros Digital spain 1184 Premium Crime IT SKY IT
452 Canal + Golf SP Digital spain 1185 Premium Action IT SKY IT
453 TELE DEPORTE SP Digital spain 1186 Premium Action +24 SKY IT
454 Eurosport 1 Digital spain 1187 Premium Stories IT SKY IT
455 Canal Panda SP Digital spain 1188 Premium Energy IT SKY IT
456 Neox SP Digital spain 1189 Premium Motion IT SKY IT
457 Yomvi SP channel Digital spain 1190 Sport Italia IT SKY IT
458 Paramount Ch. SP Digital spain 1191 Premium Sport 1 IT SKY IT
459 Nat Geo SP Digital spain 1192 Premium Sport 2 IT SKY IT
460 Nat. Geo. Wild Digital spain 1193 Eurosport 1 IT SKY IT
461 Nova SP Digital spain 1194 Eurosport 2 IT SKY IT
462 Syfy SP Digital spain 1195 Premium Calcio 1 IT SKY IT
463 Cosemopolitan SP Digital spain 1196 Premium Calcio 2 IT SKY IT
464 TNT SP Digital spain 1197 Premium Calcio 3 IT SKY IT
465 Calle 13 SP Digital spain 1198 Premium Calcio 4 IT SKY IT
466 AMC SP Digital spain 1199 Premium Calcio 5 IT SKY IT
467 AXN SP Digital spain 1200 Premium Calcio 6 IT SKY IT
468 Fox SP Digital spain 1201 Premium Calcio 7 SKY IT
469 Fox life SP Digital spain 1202 Cartoon Network IT SKY IT
470 Fox News SP Digital spain 1203 Cartoonito IT SKY IT
471 MTV SP Digital spain 1204 Sky Uno IT SKY IT
472 Nickelodeon SP Digital spain 1205 TV2000 IT SKY IT
473 Boing SP Digital spain 1206 Cielo IT SKY IT
474 Disney Ch. SP Digital spain 1207 Nove IT SKY IT
475 Disney Junior SP Digital spain 1208 RTL 102.5 IT SKY IT
476 RTSI 2 TSR Swiss 1209 Radio Norba IT SKY IT
477 RTSI 1 TSR Swiss 1210 Radio Freccia IT SKY IT
478 RTS 1 HD TSR Swiss 1211 Sky Cinema 1 IT SKY IT
479 RTS 2 HD TSR Swiss 1212 Sky Cinema Max IT SKY IT
480 SRF 1 HD TSR Swiss 1213 Sky Cinema Halloween SKY IT
481 SRF 2 HD TSR Swiss 1214 Sky Cinema Family IT SKY IT
482 NPO 1 HD Benelux 1215 Fox Crime IT SKY IT
483 NPO 2 HD Benelux 1216 Fox Animation IT SKY IT
484 NPO 3 HD Benelux 1217 Fox Comedy IT SKY IT
485 RTL 4 NL Benelux 1218 Prima Fila 1 IT SKY IT
486 RTL 5 NL Benelux 1219 Prima Fila 2 IT SKY IT
487 SBS 6 NL Benelux 1220 Prima Fila 3 IT SKY IT
488 RTL 7 HD Benelux 1221 Sky Sport F1 SKY IT
489 RTL 8 HD Benelux 1222 SKY Sport 1 IT SKY IT
490 SBS 9 Benelux 1223 SKY Sport 2 IT SKY IT
491 RTL Z Benelux 1224 SKY Sport 3 IT SKY IT
492 NPO Nieuws NL Benelux 1225 Sky Calcio 1 IT SKY IT
493 NPO Ass. Benelux 1226 Sky Calcio 2 IT SKY IT
494 Viceland NL Benelux 1227 Sky Calcio 3 IT SKY IT
495 E! NL Benelux 1228 AutoMoto IT SKY IT
496 Film DRAMA NL Benelux 1229 Super Tennis IT SKY IT
four hundred ninety seven Film1 Action Benelux 1230 Pescare and cacciare IT SKY IT
498 Film 1 premium NL Benelux 1231 TRC IT SKY IT
499 Fox sport 1 Benelux 1232 Discovery Investiga SKY IT
500 Fox sport 2 Benelux 1233 Discovery Real Time SKY IT
501 Eurosport 1 NL Benelux 1234 Discovery Travel IT SKY IT
502 Cartoon Network NL Benelux 1235 Fishing TV IT SKY IT
503 Nick Toons NL Benelux 1236 Dmax IT SKY IT
504 Disney Junior NL Benelux 1237 Nat. Geo. People IT SKY IT
505 Disney XD NL Benelux 1238 RTP 1 PT Portugal
506 RTL Tele kids Benelux 1239 RTP 2 PT Portugal
507 Baby Tv NL Benelux 1240 RTP 3 PT Portugal
508 E. NL Benelux 1241 RTP Memoria PT Portugal
509 Discovery Showcase N Benelux 1242 SIC PT Portugal
510 Comedy Extra NL Benelux 1243 SIC Noticias PT Portugal
511 Comedy Family NL Benelux 1244 SIC Mulher PT Portugal
512 Animal Planet NL Benelux 1245 SIC Kids PT Portugal
513 Discovery channel Benelux 1246 SIC Radical PT Portugal
514 Discovery ID NL Benelux 1247 SIC Caras PT Portugal
515 Travel Channel NL Benelux 1248 TVI PT Portugal
516 Food Network NL Benelux 1249 TVI Reality PT Portugal
517 NatGeo NL Benelux 1250 TVI Ficcao PT Portugal
518 Nat. Geo Wild NL Benelux 1251 TVI 24 PT Portugal
519 Featured Benelux 1252 Hollywood PT channel Portugal
520 The two Benelux 1253 Cinemondo PT Canal Portugal
521 The Three Benelux 1254 TV Cine 1 PT Portugal
522 RTL TVI Benelux 1255 TV Cine 2 PT Portugal
523 RTL Club Benelux 1256 TV Cine 3 PT Portugal
524 RTL plug Benelux 1257 TV Cine 4 PT Portugal
525 VTM Benelux 1258 TV Series PT Portugal
526 VTM Kzoom Benelux 1259 Sport TV 1 PT Portugal
527 Vitaya Benelux 1260 Sport TV 2 PT Portugal
528 Vier Benelux 1261 Sport TV 3 PT Portugal
529 Acht Benelux 1262 Sport TV 4 PT Portugal
530 2 Be Benelux 1263 Sport TV 5 PT Portugal
531 MTV Music 24 MTV 1264 Eurosport 1 PT Portugal
532 MTV Hits MTV 1265 Eurosport 2 PT Portugal
533 MTV Rocks MTV 1266 Toros TV PT Portugal
534 MTV Dance MTV 1267 TV Globo PT Portugal
535 VH-1 MTV 1268 TV Record PT Portugal
536 VH-1 Classic MTV 1269 MOV TV PT Portugal
537 ATV HD Turkish 1270 Record News PT Portugal
538 Kanal D HD Turkish 1271 PFC PT Portugal
539 HD TV Show Turkish 1272 Odisseia PT Portugal
540 Star Tv HD Turkish 1273 Fox Movies PT Portugal
541 TV8 Tr Turkish 1274 Fox Comedy PT Portugal
542 Fox TV Turkish 1275 CM TV PT Portugal
543 CNN Türk HD Turkish 1276 Cacapesca PT Portugal
544 Beyaz HD TV Turkish 1277 Discovery PT Portugal
545 Habertürk Turkish 1278 Nat. Geo. PT Portugal
546 In Haber Turkish 1279 Cazavision PT Portugal
547 Türkmax HD Turkish 1280 Cancao Nova PT Portugal
548 TRT 1 Turkish 1281 Abola TV PT Portugal
549 TRT Sport Turkish 1282 Cartoon Network PT Portugal
550 TRT Musik Turkish 1283 Disney Ch. PT Portugal
551 TRT Haber Turkish 1284 Disney Junior PT Portugal
552 TRT Cocuk Turkish 1285 Nickelodeon PT Portugal
553 Belgian TRT Turkish 1286 Waar TV Kurdi
554 TRTavaz Turkish 1287 Kurdistan 24 Kurdi
555 TRT 6 Turkish 1288 Zagros TV Kurdi
556 TRT Arabic Turkish 1289 TRT Kurdish Kurdi
557 TRT Tokul Turkish 1290 Palestank TV Kurdi
558 Kanal T TR Turkish 1291 Kurdmax Kurdi
559 Genc TR Turkish 1292 Kurdistan TV Kurdi
560 BRT TR Turkish 1293 Tigray TV Kurdi
561 Kanal7 Avrupa TR Turkish 1294 Rudaw HD Kurdi
562 Euro D TR Turkish 1295 Soroyo Kurd Kurdi
563 Yasin TV TR Turkish 1296 Sahar Kurd Kurdi
564 Semerkand TR Turkish 1297 Zarok TV Kurdi
565 Euro Star TR Turkish 1298 Net TV Kurdi
566 NTV Turkish 1299 NRT 1 Kurdi
567 NR1 Tv Turkish 1300 NRT 2 Kurdi
568 NR1 Türk Tv Turkish 1301 Kanal 4 Kurdi
569 NBA TV HD Turkish 1302 Korek TV Kurdi
570 TV4 Turkish 1303 Wine TV Kurdi
571 TV 24 Turkish 1304 Kurdmax Show Kurdi
572 TV 2 Turkish 1305 Kurdmax Pepul Kurdi
573 VIVA TR Turkish 1306 Speda TV Kurdi
574 Ulusal Tv Turkish 1307 Rojava TV Kurdi
575 Ulke TV Turkish 1308 Newroz Kurdi
576 TVNET HD Turkish 1309 Gali Kurd Kurdi
577 TGRT Haber Turkish 1310 Kurdsat News Kurdi
578 EU TGRT Turkish 1311 Hadi TV3 Kurdi
579 Belgian TGRT Turkish 1312 News Channel Kurdi
580 Mesaj TV Turkish 1313 Ronahi TV Kurdi
581 Meltem Tv Turkish 1314 Cira TV Kurdi
582 Kanal A Turkish 1315 Sterk TV Kurdi
583 Kanal 7 Turkish 1316 Hadi TV4 Kurdi
584 IZ Tv HD Turkish 1317 Lalish Kurd Kurdi
585 Halk TV Turkish 1318 Simaye Azidi Kurdi
586 Flash Tv Turkish 1319 Wesal Kurd Kurdi
587 Tv TR wire Turkish 1320 Aryan Kurd Kurdi
588 Ege Tv Turkish 1321 Med Musik Kurdi
589 Cem Tv Turkish 1322 BBC Farsi IRAN
590 Blomberg-tv Turkish 1323 Home Health Farsi IRAN
591 benguturk Turkish 1324 Nat. Geo. Farsi IRAN
592 Vatan Tv Turkish 1325 Extreme Sport Farsi IRAN
593 Kral Tv TR Turkish 1326 Iran Today IRAN
594 Kral Pop TR Turkish 1327 Anatobaghie IRAN
595 Sport Tv TR Turkish 1328 Tv album IRAN
596 Sivas Srt TR Turkish 1329 ITN Farsi IRAN
597 Seymen Tv TR Turkish 1330 BeitolAbbas IRAN
598 Kanalcay TR Turkish 1331 IRIB 1 IRAN
599 EM TV TR Turkish 1332 IRIB 2 IRAN
600 Baby Tv TR Turkish 1333 IRIB Nassim IRAN
601 Aksaray Kanal 68 TR Turkish 1334 IRCAMA1 IRAN
602 Aksaray ART TR Turkish 1335 IRCAMA2 IRAN
603 TRT World TR Turkish 1336 IRCAMA3 IRAN
604 Aspor HD Turkish 1337 Al Karma IRAN
605 SKY 360 Turkish 1338 4u TV Farsi IRAN
606 Semerkand TV Turkish 1339 Iran Inter IRAN
607 Samanyolu Turkish 1340 Now Tv Farsi IRAN
608 Dream turk Turkish 1341 Imam Asr IRAN
609 PowerTurk HD Turkish 1342 IMHS 1 IRAN
610 Power Tv HD Turkish 1343 IMHS 3 IRAN
611 Minika Cocuk Turkish 1344 Sat7 Farsi IRAN
612 Mini Go Turkish 1345 Velayat Tv IRAN
613 Minika Go Tr Turkish 1346 GanJehozour IRAN
614 Minika Cokuk TR Turkish 1347 Toheed Tv IRAN
615 Planet TR Turkish 1348 Marjayiat IRAN
616 Planet pembe Turkish 1349 Hawza Tv IRAN
617 Planet Mutfak Turkish 1350 Hodhod tv IRAN
618 Planet Cocuk Turkish 1351 Kalemeh IRAN
619 Discovery Science HD Turkish 1352 Karbala Tv IRAN
620 Discovery HD TR Turkish 1353 Hispan Tv IRAN
621 Nat. Geo. HD Tü Turkish 1354 Press Tv IRAN
622 Nat. Geo. Wild TR Turkish 1355 AL Kawthar IRAN
623 MMX Türk HD Turkish 1356 Sahartv Kurd IRAN
624 Sinema TV 2 Turkish 1357 SaharTv URDU IRAN
625 Sinema TV Turkish 1358 SaharTv Azari IRAN
626 Turmeneli TV Turkish 1359 SaharTv FR. IRAN
627 Turk Mania Turkish 1360 Sahartv Bosnia IRAN
628 TRT Dizi TV Tr Turkish 1361 IRINN IRAN
629 Tryesil Cam Tr Turkish 1362 IRIB Quran IRAN
630 Sine Tv TR Turkish 1363 Ifilm IRAN
631 VIP Turk TR Turkish 1364 Ifilm Eng. IRAN
632 VIP Yesilcam TR Turkish 1365 Russia 24 Russian
633 VIP Yesilcam 2 TR Turkish 1366 RT Russia Russian
634 Viasat Nature TR Turkish 1367 RT Doc Russia Russian
635 Sinema Tvaksiyon_tr Turkish 1368 TBN Russia Russian
636 Movie Smart Prem. TR Turkish 1369 THT Russia Russian
637 Movie Smart TR Turkish 1370 TV8 Russia Russian
638 Movie Smart Prem. 2 Turkish 1371 RTVI Archive Russian
639 Movie Smart Gold TR Turkish 1372 RTR Planeta Russian
640 GS TV TR Turkish 1373 CNL Russia Russian
641 Dizi Premium TR Turkish 1374 Noviy Tv Russian
642 BBC Earth TR Turkish 1375 Music Box Russian
643 Animal Planet TR Turkish 1376 Fashion tv Russia Russian
644 Sine Tivibu TR Turkish 1377 Rubesteller Russian
645 Living room 1 Turkish 1378 VO Tv Russia Russian
646 Living room 2 Turkish 1379 CTC Russia Russian
647 Living room 3 Turkish 1380 UA Ukrania Russian
648 Bein Boxoffice 1 Turkish 1381 Ukrania 24 Russian
649 Bein Boxoffice 2 Turkish 1382 Box Office 1 Fr Box Office
650 Bein Boxoffice 3 Turkish 1383 Box Office 2 Fr Box Office
651 BeinSport 1 TR Turkish 1384 Box Office 3 Fr Box Office
652 BeinSport 2 TR Turkish 1385 Box Office 4 Fr Box Office
653 BeinSport 3 TR Turkish 1386 Box Office 5 Fr Box Office
654 Tivibu Sport 1 Turkish 1387 Box Office 6 Fr Box Office
655 Tivibu Sport 2 Turkish 1388 Box Office 7 Fr Box Office
656 Smart Sport 1 Turkish 1389 Box Office 8 Fr Box Office
657 Smart Sport 2 Turkish 1390 Box Office 9 Fr Box Office
658 B4U Movies Hindi / Asia 1391 Box Office 10 Fr Box Office
659 B4U Music Hindi / Asia 1392 Araboxoffice1 AraBoxOffice
660 Sony Ent. TV Asia Hindi / Asia 1393 Araboxoffice2 AraBoxOffice
661 SAB TV Hindi / Asia 1394 Araboxoffice3 AraBoxOffice
662 Sony Ent. Max Asia Hindi / Asia 1395 Araboxoffice4 AraBoxOffice
663 Star Life ok Hindi / Asia 1396 Araboxoffice5 AraBoxOffice
664 Star Gold Hindi / Asia 1397 Araboxoffice6 AraBoxOffice
665 Star jalsha Hindi / Asia 1398 Araboxoffice7 AraBoxOffice
666 Star Hbarat Hindi / Asia 1399 Araboxoffice8 AraBoxOffice
667 Star utsah Hindi / Asia 1400 Araboxoffice9 AraBoxOffice
668 Star Plus Hindi / Asia 1401 Araboxoffice10 AraBoxOffice
669 Punjabi JUICE Hindi / Asia 1402 US Box Office 1 US Box Office
670 Zee Cinema Hindi / Asia 1403 US Box Office 2 US Box Office
671 Zee TV Hindi / Asia 1404 US Box Office 3 US Box Office
672 Ary news Hindi / Asia 1405 US Box Office 4 US Box Office
673 New vision Hindi / Asia 1406 US Box Office 5 US Box Office
674 Ben tv Hindi / Asia 1407 US Box Office 6 US Box Office
675 Urdu 1 Hindi / Asia 1408 US Box Office 7 US Box Office
676 Ary digital Hindi / Asia 1409 US Box Office 8 US Box Office
677 Rishtey Hindi / Asia 1410 US Box Office 9 US Box Office
678 Rishtey cine Hindi / Asia 1411 US Box Office 10 US Box Office
679 PTV Punjabi Hindi / Asia 1412 Nollywood Africa
680 PTV Prime Hindi / Asia 1413 Vox Africa Africa
681 PTV Global Hindi / Asia 1414 TVC news Africa
682 GMA Pinoy Hindi / Asia 1415 Gabon 24 Africa
683 GMA Life Hindi / Asia 1416 Cameroon TV Africa
684 GMA News Hindi / Asia 1417 TV Congo Africa
685 Geo Tez Hindi / Asia 1418 2STV Africa
686 Geo TV Hindi / Asia 1419 Ortb Africa
687 Geo News Hindi / Asia 1420 RTI LA 1 Africa
688 ATN Bangla Hindi / Asia 1421 HCTV Africa
689 And Tv. Hindi / Asia 1422 ERI TV Africa
690 Ahle el beit Hindi / Asia 1423 Somali Cable TV Africa
691 Hum Tv Hindi / Asia 1424 EthiopiaTV Africa
692 See you Hindi / Asia 1425 ESTV Africa
693 See TV Hindi / Asia 1426 National somali Africa
694 Ktv Hindi / Asia 1427 tele feshinka caalamiga Africa
695 Islam Channel Hindi / Asia 1428 Universal somali Africa
696 Peace TV Hindi / Asia 1429 Chad TV Africa
697 To proceler Hindi / Asia 1430 SN TV Africa
698 British Muslim Hindi / Asia 1431 Kalsan TV Africa
699 Humasal Hindi / Asia 1432 Oromia TV Africa
700 Kanshi Hindi / Asia 1433 AND V Africa
701 Ahlu bait Hindi / Asia 1434 Ethiopia 3 Africa
702 Eman asia Hindi / Asia 1435 Tayba TV Africa
703 Gospel Hindi / Asia 1436 RTVGE Africa
704 Olive Tv Hindi / Asia 1437 Africa 24 Africa
705 Channel 44 Hindi / Asia 1438 RTS 1 Senegal Africa
706 Safeer Tv Hindi / Asia 1439 TFM TV Africa
707 Duniya News Hindi / Asia 1440 TPA Angola Africa
708 Noor Asia Hindi / Asia 1441 ORTM Africa
709 TV99 Hindi / Asia 1442 Armenia 1 Armenia
710 Takbeer Hindi / Asia 1443 Armenia 2 Armenia
711 Madani Asia Hindi / Asia 1444 Armenia Tv Armenia
712 Brit TV Asia Hindi / Asia 1445 Persian Star 1 Armenia
713 MATV Asia Hindi / Asia 1446 Persian Star 2 Armenia
714 News18 Asia Hindi / Asia 1447 Shantv Tv Armenia
715 Time now Hindi / Asia 1448 Gala 1 Tv Armenia
716 Colors Hindi / Asia 1449 Gala 2 Tv Armenia
717 ABP news Hindi / Asia 1450 CBC Armenia Armenia
718 Aajtak Hindi / Asia 1451 Gunaz Tv Armenia
719 NDTV 24-7 Hindi / Asia 1452 Shantv Prem. TV Armenia
720 Aasth TV Hindi / Asia 1453 Shantv Music Tv Armenia
721 Channel I Hindi / Asia 1454 Kentron Tv Armenia
722 Iqra bangla Hindi / Asia VOD serina Fr
723 Venus Hindi / Asia VOD Series EN
724 Samaa TV Hindi / Asia VOD movies FR
725 Zing Hindi / Asia VOD movies FR
726 NTV Hindi / Asia VOD movies FR
727 DM Digital Hindi / Asia VOD Cartoons
728 Bangla TV Hindi / Asia 3D VOD
729 Ariana Afgan Hindi / Asia 4K VOD
730 Payam e Afgan Hindi / Asia VOD Italiano
731 CCTV news Hindi / Asia
732 Net Vietnam Hindi / Asia
733 VTV4 tv Hindi / Asia
734 Thai Tv Hindi / Asia